Kashay Productions - is a young production company that houses the music label Kashay Salon, founded in Dresden in 2020. We are committed to promoting music from individuals of all backgrounds and identities, striving to bring the diversity and beauty of various cultures to life in our events. Working closely with our non-profit organization, Eywa e.V., we engage in cultural events, workshops, and activities that contribute to cultural diversity, tolerance, and an open discourse. Our primary objective is to support both local and international artists, fostering the creation of a platform that bridges global and local music and club cultures. Together, we set out to find a space where we could bring these visions to life. We discovered it in an old munitions factory, which inspired us to infuse it with new life, transforming it into a place of tolerance and nurturing the sprouts of a growing cultural oasis in Dresden's industrial area.


Our nightclub and cultural space, "Kashay Salon", shares its name with our music label and functions as its vibrant hub. The place is our contribution to an artistic, lively, and open Dresden, dedicated to the free spirits of creative expression, night owls, music and art enthusiasts, curious explorers, and all those who wish to infuse as much colour as possible into our city. Whether under a roof or open sky, it is an inviting space for musical journeys, daydreams, and night reveries, inspiration and a celebration of the mosaic of our diverse cultures and expressions. In addition to our support for musicians, DJs, and bands, we aim to open doors for all other forms of art. Through rotating exhibitions of all kinds, readings, performances, shows, and workshops, we aspire to create a dynamic melting pot that fosters connections among various artistic disciplines.